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Flood Relief Campaign

Even we did not have idea of the terrible face of the nature. But we saw something today. We saw a village surrounded by water from every side. It was looking like a Island. We headed towards Chausa Banarpur aqt 5:30 in the morning. We reached there til 06:30. We had a chat with the villagers and meanwhile we requested the citizens to maintain peace and patience. Also we distributed relief supplies. We distributed mineral and cooked food. People over there appreciated the service done by our team. People did not have words for the good food they received.

Our eyes were filled with tears as the conditions there were such miserable that it can’t explained easily. People just want food and they have forgotten plates and glass. They are ready to eat keeping food in whatever it is.

The ward member of the place met us and informed us about the negativity of youths over there. After listening to his words, we just informed him about YOUTH LEADERSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM for youths, which helps youths in inculcating positivity and helping nature for the improvement of society.

Our service to the society will be continue, please come and join us for the betterment of the society and the country