Art Of Silence

Art Of Living Buxar team had organised an Advanced Meditation Program in Buxar(Foundation School Buxar) from 4th of April to 8th of April 2018. Many participants got enrolled for this Program and it was taken by our International faculty Mr. Anand Desai and Mrs. Nimisha Desai. Participants were very happy to have teachers like them because of their way of talking and guiding. Anand Desai and Nimisha Desai singing & chanting skills have appreciated by all of listeners. We are happy to have faculty like them. For this particular session our organizers gave their 100% to make this session memorable. On the last day, participants shared their experiences about the Program and we are sharing their experiences.

Let’s start(°_°)

Prashant Chaubey:-

I am feeling happy and energized. I got new friends. Everybody was treating others as family members. I am focused towards my goals. I feel that my confidence level has increased. After doing advanced meditation course, I started meditating on a regular basis. Meditation makes me feel more relaxed and keeps me more active during entire day.

Manoj Verma:-

I can feel the change in me. I used to have low on confidence. Meditations helped me in fostering my confidence. My parents are very happy after the course, as they can see much positivity in me.

Parshuram Ji & Sunita :-

First, We are thankful and grateful to AOL Buxar team who informed us about it. We learnt many things like Yoga, Satsang, Meditation, Pranayam and lots of things. We never ever thought that We will be changed after doing it. We felt ourself very positive, very calm, happy and cool.

Dr. Shwet Prakash

After completing 2nd Advanced Course of my life, I felt myself and want to leave alone in leisure time.

I started talking less and if I feel to talk with anyone then I talk but only few words because I don’t want to talk without any reason. I think, unwanted words break our inner energy. There is a mystery in silence and found it. Because of it now I can keep control over myself and want to be with myself. I am feeling something special like Kundali Jagran, Nadi Shodhan, Shatchakra Pargaman, especially the power of Band after Bhastika, it provides lots of energy to me. I have many things to share but in few words I am unable to explain everything and in last I want to say one thing that I am happy to have teachers like Anand Desai and Nimisha Desai, many participants, organisers and lot of sweet memories which are unforgettable.

Mr. Anand Desai (The lead faculty of the course) visited the city (Buxar) for the first time. He said he loves the place very much. Further he added that he likes the way people behave here. He also said that he found the place interesting and would love to come here again.

On last day of Advanced Meditation Program Anand Desai and Nimisha Desai were honored by Vikash Ojha, Shri Hare Ram Pandey, Deepak Pandey, Varsha Pandey , Jitendra Pandey and our some core volunteers. We were so happy on that day because of Anand Desai’s presence in our town for special event. We were guided by Anand Desai and got bless. For this special event SDM Gautam Kumar was also present on that day.

We would like to extend our gratitude to Foundation School Buxar Principal Mr. Vikash Ojha for sponsoring this event. A million thanks to him.



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