What is Satsang?


Satsangs are gatherings where scattered minds unite through music, meditation, and wisdom to experience a higher state of consciousness.

Art of Living satsangs reverberate across 151 countries. People from all over the world who know different languages participate in the singing of bhajans, or the repetitive chanting of a word or a verse. “In satsang, both the left and right hemispheres of the brain get balanced. The wandering mind comes back to the present moment and experiences a deeper dimension to life,” explains Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

One can choose to listen to the bhajans or participate and sing.Either way, satsangs help in centering the mind. The chants in satsang take us beyond music to a silent corner of our inner self.

“The word bhajan is very precious. Bhaj means to share. Sharing all that the Divine is. It is not necessary to know the words or meaning to any song. Singing helps to bring serenity. Singing is simply merging into the sounds, floating on its waves with a sense of contentment and meditation,” shares Sri Sri.

Satsang frees you from worries

Sound is energy. Our human nervous system responds to the sounds and vibrations of ancient Sanskrit chants. Listening to these sounds has a rejuvenating effect on the body, mind and spirit.

In between each bhajan is the silence. Still and calm, the mind relaxes. “Doing more satsang and seva is the way to reduce misery. We are so fortunate. We have this opportunity to even think, discuss knowledge and have an experience of that inner space,” explains Sri Sri. “If you have any worries, you have to leave it here; that’s the rule of Satsang, you cannot take your worries back. You can go only after you drop them here.”

Satsangs hasten you towards inner peace

The entire universe is made of rhythms. When sounds are in harmony, there is music; non harmonious sounds create chaos. Similarly, when there is rhythm or harmony in life, the heart blossoms; there is humanism. It is this rhythm that takes us back to our source. We may identify ourselves as officers, housewives, teachers, but these are just external identifications. Satsangs help us move beyond such identifications towards our source – from where we came.

Satsangs are not limited to any culture or geographical region. Whether it is the harmonious sound of gongs in Buddhist meditations or Jewish hymns since ancient times, people from all cultures and traditions have used music to further people on their spiritual journey.


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Living Well Programs


Living Well Philosophy – Nourishing the Roots!

Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life – in terms of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic you are. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The toll of our fast paced lives can be extremely high on our physical and mental health. Stress and anxiety are known to be significant factors in the onset and progression of a wide spectrum of diseases. The goal of the Living Well programs is to enable healthy and happy living naturally. It is designed to address the physical, psychological, nutritional, spiritual and social needs of a person.

Through the 4 E’s – Encourage, Enable, Empower and Enhance- the programs are designed to prevent or manage disease, alleviate stress, improve health and increase wellness.

  • Encourage people to participate actively in the management of their disease and take preventive measures in case of family history.
  • Enable by providing education and awareness on the symptoms, psychological factors and strategies to delay progression of the condition if existing, as some disease conditions are diagnosed only after the investigations.
  • Empower and achieve balance with Yoga, Meditation, Pranayamas, Ayurveda and Diet techniques to prevent or manage the disease condition through a Self-Management Support System
  • Enhance physical and emotional well-being through lifestyle modification and a befitting daily routine.

Living Well programs take a holistic view of human health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The programs provide a step-by-step guidance to calm the mind and heal the body.

The programs start with a thorough understanding of your current health condition, your daily schedule and lifestyle. They then build in practices that aid in building immunity and reduction of risk factors to the disease.

The programs especially focus on the inner well-being of the patient, which is generally the source of disease. Many a times it is found that the medical treatment alone is not sufficient to heal the body. Treating the source – the mind and its patterns, changing unhealthy habits and utilizing practical and effective breathing exercises and yoga to prevent or minimize the impact of an existing ailment are an integral part of the program.

The body is a machine, and the consciousness which operates and has helped to develop this body has been ignored by us. We need to pay attention to that as well. This consciousness which is responsible for all creativity, all scientific discovery in the world, all forms of music, art, fashion, film, and everything else, needs your attention. The same consciousness can manifest health and happiness. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Program Synopsis

  • During the program in-depth education and awareness is provided on the disease its signs, symptoms and treatment options, so that they opt for healthy lifestyle and regular treatment if required.
  • A powerful breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya is taught during the program to relax the body and mind, helps coping up with the psychological stressors and challenges in daily life. It eliminates the stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression. Sudarshan Kriya brings balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and helps with relaxation and concentration. It provides deeper and refreshing sleep, improves mental balance and confidence.
  • Simple yet profound yoga asanas and exercises are taught for a healthier body and calm mind. Yoga provides fitness on both physical and psychological level. It helps cope with chronic pain and negative emotions. Increases strength, flexibility, heart, and lung function and reduces the risk of heart disease by improving blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Easy to follow Nutritional and Balanced Diet prevents the disease, aid the healing process and maintains the health and high energy levels in the body.
  • Physical health and emotional well-being mutually influence each other. The program assists people through Social networks and Spirituality to promote a sense of belonging and have a support system to maintain their health.
  • The program also focuses on the long term ill-effects of environmental pollution, irregular food habits, lifestyle and psychological factors such as stress, lack of exercise, tobacco, alcohol or other substance abuse.
  • Living Well residential programs incorporate Ayurvedic healing techniques for holistic healing, counseling tips and the other alternative compliance.

The beneficial effects of the program can be experienced in the body as a whole, particularly a person experiences a state of health and medically the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system are rejuvenated.

We have conducted 150 Living Well programs benefiting 3000 patients in 20 States and 3 Union Territories of India.

The program needs no special preparation, no change in beliefs and the techniques and processes taught during the program are easy to learn and practice.

Living Well Program Categories

Broadly, there are 3 categories of programs:

Program Modules

  • Diabetes Management
  • Hypertension Management
  • Depression Management
  • Anxiety Management
  • Asthma Management
  • Stop Smoking Start Living
  • De-Vine for Alcohol De-addiction

Modules for other diseases will be launched in a progressive manner.

Dr. Rakesh Makkar, Baroda

Living Well programs take a holistic view of human health on physical, mental and emotional levels. The programs provide a step-by-step guidance and techniques to calm the mind and heal the body. They are highly recommended for the people with chronic diseases to achieve a balanced lifestyle and also preventive for the people at the risk of getting the chronic diseases.

Anshu Kalra, 37 years, Bangalore

I was diagnosed with end stage of kidney failure that resulted in a transplant and completely restricted my physical activity. After the Living Well program, I was able to carry out many more physical tasks and became more active. I learnt about life style management and dietary plans. This program is a wonderful preventive tool for people with chronic diseases.

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Flavors Of Happiness


The first one is chocolate. Out of every 100 desires, probably 67 must be fulfilled by chocolate. However, it just leaves you wanting more. The happiness lasts only until the delicious texture of smooth cocoa lasts in your mouth. Happiness gained from fulfillment of desires is like this—fleeting. Before you know it, there is something else you need to do or get before you can say you’re happy. It’s an unending race! The secret is in making a subtle shift from eating chocolate to be happy to being happy and eating chocolate. Got it?

Would you like some strawberry next? They add a delightful pink wherever they are—the color of love. Girls are supposed to like pink by nature. Can we safely assume that it’s because they are so loving? Often, we are caught up in analyzing how much love we received from whom, and what’s more, this is judged by what gifts we received or what they did for us. This is totally conditional—our love for someone becomes conditional. The disadvantage is that our happiness is in someone else’s hands. Take charge of it yourself. Move through life asking yourself how much love you can give. In this giving, happiness is an inevitable side-effect.

Vanilla please! Nothing can fill your senses like the fragrance of pure vanilla extract. Otherwise it could take a night in the forest or a storm in the dessert to do the same. Our happiness is stimulated to a great extent by our senses and sensory perceptions. What this means is that we are looking for happiness outside. You really want to be happy? Start looking inside. Find your source. Then nothing can shake you.

In short, happiness is your nature; it grows in giving and is unshakeable when you know that YOU are the source.



Meditation for Clarity of Mind


Have you ever felt that you’ve almost made up our mind, but then, from nowhere, a black cloud of doubt appears that doesn’t seem to clear? Such doubts are like ripples in the water that give us a distorted reflection of ourselves and all that are around us. But once the ripples settle down, everything becomes crystal clear.

What will You get by Improving Mental Clarity?

You will be able to

1 – perform well in your job or

2 – learn and retain information much longer, or

3 – work on any sort of complex problem, or

It will help you

1 – if you’re unsure of your purpose or direction in life, or

2 – if you’re stressed and struggling to relax and think clearly, or

3 – if you are seeking clarity in uncertain times

Is it possible to achieve that crystal-clear state of mind or is it just a fool’s paradise? Fortunately, it is very much possible with regular practice of meditation. Meditation, a time-tested technique, is like that signboard that shows you the way out of your jungle of thoughts. It is the unseen force that settles the ripples of doubts in your mind and gives clarity in what you think and how you act. How can meditation transform the quality of our thoughts? What’s the science behind it? Let’s discover in the following sections.

1 Meditation Induces a Sense of Calm

You might have come across this Chinese proverb: “When you feel confused, take a pillow and go to bed”. They probably knew that sleep can calm down your confused mind. But, do you know that meditation can replicate this calming effect? Did you know that when in meditation, our body’s oxygen requirement goes down by 10 to 20 percent, which otherwise goes down by only 8 percent during sleeping? A lower oxygen requirement is an indication of a heightened sense of calm, which gives our body its much-needed rest. A calm mind can think more clearly than a restless mind because it is not scattered all over the place.

2 Meditation Increases Your System’s Energy

The mechanics of meditation we discussed in the previous point shows that meditation increases our energy levels. When this happens, all doubts and confusion give way to clarity of mind. Have you noticed that when you were sad or feeling low, you were not clear in your mind? And do you also remember being happy when you knew just what needed to be done? Clearing your mind of confusion is like clearing the dust from the window. You can see and sense better when you are happy. It can happen when our energy levels are high. This way, meditation can be your energy booster. Dust is like doubt and a clean window is like clarity of mind, which will inevitably also reflect in our actions. It will all come with a few minutes in meditation.

3 Meditation Makes You Focused

Have you observed yourself at the times you felt you were very focused on your work or whatever you were doing? At all such times, you were probably also high on energy. That is because your energy is not diverted to other wasteful thoughts. Our mind is like a computer’s RAM (the part of a computer that does all the thinking, analyzing, and interpreting). So, when there are too many programs (thoughts) running in the background on a computer, the more important programs slow down. This is a near-perfect analogy for our scattered mind, and meditation helps you shut down these unwanted programs. Meditation can clear your mind of wasteful, noisy thoughts. That undoubtedly makes us clear in the mind, and we are able to work and take decisions with clarity.

4 Meditation Improves Observation, Perception, and Expression

You undoubtedly know that your eyes are your window to the world outside? Can you see clearly when you have a speck of dust in your eye? Similarly, is it possible to perceive things clearly when you have stress in your nervous system? We start doubting ourselves and others when our mind is shrouded by the emotions of anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, fear, and/or regret. Meditation makes us centered, and such feelings don’t bother us much.

At the same time, it improves our observation of the world inside and out. We are more receptive to how we feel and how others feel about us. Once we start listening to ourselves, it becomes easier to have a say on our feelings and emotions. Clearer observation means a clearer understanding of the situation and clearer distinction of right from wrong, which inevitably affects our decision making.

Undoubtedly, this is also going to improve your communication skills and make the content of your communication richer. When your perception and observation are clear, you know what to express and how to do it.

5 Meditation Retains Clarity For a Longer Time

While we’ve already understood how meditation clears the garbage from our mind and helps us grasp, think, and express clearly, it is also necessary to understand how to retain this clarity over the long term. That will come when we meditate regularly. Morning is a good time to meditate because there is less chaos and we can meditate deeply. Daily meditation sustains our energy at higher levels. It also helps us maintain a perpetual state of calm, which we can otherwise lose easily when we face difficult situations. Not just that, meditation also keeps us grounded when we are overcome with happiness. The benefits of meditation are plenty.

Let’s hear what one of our regular meditators have to say about meditation and the clarity of mind

With Meditation, I Brush Away The Clouds of Doubt

It’s quite okay to be unclear about life and life’s goals when you are young. I feel that’s because we are inexperienced and still testing the waters. But there were times when over-thinking made things worse for me. I felt my thoughts were like a tangled ball of wool stuck in my head. When decisions had to be taken, I was never sure if I am going to make the right one. I would ponder over it again and again, have doubts, over-analyze things, and finally when I would come to a conclusion, I’d immediately start doubting it. And the whole process would start over, until my brain was boiling.

My confusions and problems would chase me until I started meditating regularly. Today, I can’t imagine starting my day without meditation, which for me is the best tool to clear my mind and keep it calm, relaxed, and focused, all at the same time.


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Varsha Pandey takes follow up session today



Intuition Process


The Art of Living Intuition Process is a 2-day program introduced for kids and teenagers between 8-18 years of age.

We all are born with a natural intuitive ability to perceive beyond our senses. This is especially visible in children whose minds are still fresh, less obsessive and more in tune with nature.

The Art of Living Intuition Process helps them to tap into the intuitive abilities of the mind, which is demonstrated by them seeing colors, reading text and identifying pictures with eyes closed.

Deep and enigmatic faculties are present in a latent form in every child. To make these faculties blossom and get more established, the mind needs proper nurturing and nourishment which is done in the Intuition Process.

Benefits of the Intuition Process

  • Improves intuition
  • Enhances sensory abilities
  • Improves awareness and foresight
  • Increases confidence
  • Removes fear of the unknown
  • Increases creativity and intelligence


  • Age group: 8-18 years
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Time per day: 2.5 hours


  • Brain activation techniques
  • Meditation and Relaxation techniques
  • Home Practice CD

You can read more about it on our official website.


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