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Relaxed mind with Meditation

Mrs. Varsha Pandey also organized Sahaj Samadhi Meditation along with DSN. The objective of the course is to reach to true relaxation with the help of meditation. The meditation technique taught in the program helps the practitioner in getting relieved from stress. Regular practice of this can transform the quality of life of the practitioners.

The following are the benefits of the program:

 Clear Thinking

 Increased Energy

 Better Physical Health

 Improved Relationships

 Greater Peace of Mind

Around 12 participants experienced this and came to know about mantra and meditation. We are sharing feedbacks of few of them.

I am feeling very peaceful after the course. I will keep on doing this on regular basis. The process itself is very peaceful and pleasant. – Sunita Upadhyay

It’s an amazing process, which provides a great peaceful feeling. I have never felt like before. I think one and all should experience the beautiful feeling of the meditation. – Deepak Pandey

Feeling peaceful, stress-free and relaxed. It’s an amazing process, which will help me in improving myself. – Pramod Singh

I felt awesome after the meditation. I think that I will have a peaceful life ahead. – Amit Mishra

After completion of the program, I came to know that the importance of Mantra is too much in my life. I was unaware about the process and I came to know that this simple mantra is a key to peaceful life. I think we should practise this on regular basis. Special thanks to Mr. Rajendra Singh Gandhi. –Sunita Upadhyaya