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AOL Buxar Center invites For WCF



AOL Volunteers of Buxar invites lots of people from Buxar and near by places for WCF to be held at Delhi on 11, 12, 13

Some of them are Sri Ayodhya Nath Ji Maharaj, Sri Sri 1008 Achuytprappanna Charya Ji Maharaj, Maharaj Sri Raja Ram Sharan Das Ji, Dumraon Maharaj & Yuvraj Chandravijay Singh , Many Doctors of Buxar like Dr Arun Kumar, Dr H. N. Pandey.

We invite social workers of Buxar also for this great event as well as politicians, MP Ashwini Choubey,  MLA Sanjay Tiwari and all party presidents and leader are invited also.

DM Raman Kumar(IAS), SP Upendra Kumar Sharma (IPS), ACJM Dhananjay SINGH, Sub judge Mausami Singh are  invited for this auspicious occasion  also.

All of them cordially accepted WCF invitation.