Varsha Pandey takes last day of Happiness Program



Participants have enjoyed a lot in this program which was held on 29 of March to 03 of April 2016 at our center.

Participants:- Ajay Chaurasiya, Aditya Tiwari, Jitesh Tiwari, Nilesh Tiwari, Rajeev, Pooja Kumari, Manju Tiwari, Shivjee Tiwari, Suraj Kumar, Mukesh Pathak, Chandra Kishore.

Many of them were suffering from depression but after doing Sudarshan Kriya and Yoga got relaxed, according to Ajay ” He was in depression for several months but now he is totally stress free and happy”

All of them have requested from teacher that if she allows them to convey this message of happiness and peaceful mind,  they will surely bring lots of people to AOL Center because according to them many people are suffering from mental stress and want to free from it but don’t know from where exactly they will get free from it.

They have gained lots of things which will help them to tackle ad handle the problems what will come in their life in future.

Some of them have suggested  that we have to contact to each and every person who is living in our district and if we bring participants with conviction  from near by areas of our district then it’s impact will be positive in our society.

Published By:- AOL Team Buxar