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Connecting thoughts with intuition 

This course was organised for the first time in the city (Buxar). The course commenced on 25th of March, 2017 and was concluded on 26th of March. It’s an astonishing program for kids and teens between age group 5-18 years. The number of participants in the course was 11.

The course was organized by Mrs. Varsha Pandey. All the members of AOL played important roles in making the program successful.

The course helps in recognition and reading. Apart from that it awakens intuition power and foresight, enhances super sensory ability, develops remarkable concentration, builds photographic memory, increases interest in studies and creative fields, releases fear and brings stillness.

The course received very positive response from parents. The parents of the participants said that they have never seen a course like this. The course was completely a new experience for one and all.