Varsha Pandey takes Follow Up Session

For those whom have completed an Art of Living Part 1 Course and/or Yes Plus Course. 

These sessions are facilitated by an Art of Living teacher and are offered free of charge. Group practice sessions – also referred to as “satsangs” – are a place for you to refresh your experience with the breathing techniques, reinforce your home practice, and be in community with fellow practitioners.

Tree Plantation, Guru Puja and Satsang on Guru Purnima

For knowledge Guru and for life Trees are very much required. As per Gurudev Shri Shri Ravishankar Jee, we should celebrate Guru Purnima as  “World Environment Day”. On this eve, plant as much trees as you can and take a resolution to save trees.

Keeping all these in mind, Art of Living Buxar organized tree plantation in DAV public school and Foundation school. Children were induced by Art of Living for plantation. Students took oath that they will be planting trees on the eve of their birthday and their parents anniverasry. The tree plantation in DAV was done in the presence of the principal Anil Kumar Singh. Same was done in Foundation School. Plantation was done in the presence of the principal and other teaching members.

In our Indian culture, Guru has been given much respect and value. In a disciple’s life the place of Guru is the highest.

Guru develops our personality like Bramha does, He nurtures us through knowledge and wisdom as Vishnu does and he destroys the ignorance as Shiva does.
It has been said,

Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu
Guru Devo Maheshwaraha

Guru Saakshat Para Brahma

Tasmai Sree Gurave Namaha

Which means ‘​Guru is verily the representative of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. He creates, sustains knowledge and destroys the weeds of ignorance. Salute such a Guru.’
​The purpose of Gurur Purnima is to respect our gurus and to understand the relationship between the Guru and the disciple.

A guru does not wishes anything except the development of his student. The biggest fee one can pay his guru is to obey the teachings of his Guru.

Happiness Program

​​We had organized a Happiness Program from 05th of July to 10th of July 2016. In the course 20 participants were present and learnt Yoga, Pranayam, Sudarshan Kriya and Meditation.
Before organization of the program we met lots of people in Buxar and nearby areas to make this program memorable.
On first day our focus was to guide them to improve the quality of life like Better Health, Better Lifestyle, Better Relations, Better You, Eliminate Stress, Tension and Anxiety and fill their life with smile, happiness, Love & peace. Now a day’s people are facing lots of problems on regular basis. Our purpose was to help them in getting rid of it, so that they may perform better and live life happily.
The Program lasted for 6 days as it was scheduled and our main purpose was to maintain all strength within the participants for all the 6 days. In fact the same strength needs to be maintained during the entire life cycle.
Mrs. Varsha Pandey was the teacher for the program and Mr. Krishna Ojha was the demonstrator.
On last day a “Seva”(Serve) was chosen  by participants to make public aware about ‘Traffic Rules’. They went for it and talked to many Auto-Drivers to follow rules, same request from Bikers and other Vehicle-drivers too. Also they suggested the pedestrians not to cross the road in hurry. Their suggestions were appreciated by many strangers because they talked to them politely and made sure that their life is more important and it is better to be late rather than to be injured in the road accidents.
We are sharing experiences of the few of the participants.
Rajeev Ranjan:

When I went to attend International Yoga Day organized by Art Of Living Buxar Team on 21st of June 2016, decided to do this course and found better results after 6 days of attending this program. I would like to organize a course like this for my friends and family members too so that they come to know the value of their life and live happily and healthy in future.
Ranjeet Kumar

I am thankful to Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for their efforts towards our self and to maintain peace in our life as well. Always read about Sri Sri(spiritual Leader) because I am interested too in spirituality. We study to get knowledge for better job to survive and get plenty of food and security for our family but this is not enough. We should have knowledge to take responsibility for our society and do something good for our society too. But now a days we only walk and run here and there without any purpose. I mean to say that we should believe in performing rather than talking. Our focus should be to change our society into Ideal society. Got lot of positivity in these 6 days and feeling better now.

Anjani Kumar

I am thankful to organizer for this program because it is a tough task to organize course like this but you did it. You gave me your precious time and provide me Art of Living which is unforgettable for me. I used to get angry but after doing this course found myself calm and happy.
Manoj Jaisawal

“First give a big hand for Vineet Saraf because of him I come to know about it and feeling better than before”. Be a big fan of Art Of Living, I will come here along with my family always in future.
Srikant Rai

At the age of 19th got Blood pressure and when I met a Doctor he said me that how would you survive in future because you have Blood Pressure in young age. I started doing Yoga after reading a Yoga book and got a positive result. But when I came to know International Yoga Day, went there and collect some detail about Happiness Program got registered for it. Now found a great change in my physical strength and I become aware about it because my teacher guide me to do Yoga in proper way for better result.
Lalan Prasad
I don’t get out of here after completing this course. Feeling better now and I wish this program would continue till 15 days not for only 6 days. I will come here on Sunday for follow up and on Tuesday for Satsang.
Ashwini Pandey

I learnt lots of things in 6 days. Feeling cool now and found change in my nature, behavior & way of talking as well.

Amit Kumar

Feeling relaxed now. Awesome experience I ever had in my entire life and want only to say that everyone should do this course once in their life.
Anita Kumari

I waited for almost 18th months for this course, used to call but when it was came to organize got busy in something else. Eventually I have completed it and now I learnt Art of Living. When I came here I was only one girl in this course among male person. I thought that ‘Should I leave it or continue?’ but decided to continue and feeling like you all are my family member. After 6 days of course I felt positivity and decision making ability in myself.

Manoj Verma
I was in depression and shared my feelings with Deepak. He told me about Happiness Program and its benefits, so I got registered for this program and now feeling calm and relaxed. We all take breadth but when we change the way of taking it get stress free, cool, and tension free mind. Its difficult to explain about it in few lines but easy to feel it.

Every one promised that they will be doing Yoga for life-time.
At the end of program Varsha Pandey gave a message to all of participants and organizer as well to maintain peace in society. She also requested to come in Follow Up Session on every Sunday and in Satsang on every Tuesday.
Further she added that “Nature gives us very extra ordinary abilities”. We were never taught that how to develop our inner potential ‘neither in our education system nor in our society ‘. So we should keep our energy level so high that keep ourselves stress free and peaceful mind. We always told by our parent, elders and teachers “not to get angry and control ourselves, focus on study, career, do something for society, keep smile on face but question is How”. But I think that to fix all of these things we have to do Yoga, Pranayam, Sudarshan Kriya and Meditaion and you know what exactly benefits of it because you just experienced it in last 6 days.
Art Of Living Slogan’s “Art Of Living Ne Thana Hai Buxar Ko Swasth Banana Hai”

Yogadan Shivir at Police Line

We were invited by Superintendent of Police, Buxar, Mr. Upendra Kumar Sharma to organize Yoga-Dan Shivir from 27th of June to 29th of June at Police Line, Buxar. In the training around 400 trainees were present and learnt Yoga, Pranayam and Guided  Meditation (In Sri Sri’s Voice).
Before the organization of the Shivir, we met Sergeant Major Mr. Randhir Singh along with Inspector of Police Mr. Ragahav Dayal to decide the place for the program (Yog-Dan Shivir).

On the 1st day our focus was making the trainees strong physically and mentally. As we know that the job of a police is full of pressures and tensions. They have to deal with different types of situations on a regular basis. Our purpose was to help them in getting rid of stress, so that they may perform better (as it is said that a tension free mind takes right decisions).

​The ​Shivir lasted for 3 days and our main purpose was to maintain all the strength within the trainees for all the 3 days. In fact the same strength needs to be maintained during the entire life cycle.

Mrs. Varsha Pandey was the teacher for the Shivir and Mr. Manoj Verma was the demonstrator. The guidance and demonstration given by the duo was appreciated by one and all.

On the final day (29th of June) Mr. Randhir Singh (Sergeant Major of Police, Buxar) appreciated the three days course. He complimented on the dedication of the Art of living team towards the Shivir. He was happy for the time given to Police team by the Art of living team. He also requested to the police trainees to utilize the learning from the shivir in day-to-day life for better temperament. Further he added that he along with the trainees learnt some new and interesting things. He offered a big thanks to The founder of the Art of living H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar and the Art of living team, Buxar. He also praised the selflessness of the art of living team. Further he appreciated Mrs. Varsha Pandey. He also said that he will be trying to get the Happiness program conducted for the police team, so that all may get benefited.

We are sharing experiences of few of the trainees.

Sajan Kumar :

“Yoga is a reason for being healthy. There is no need to meet doctors for everything. Yoga and meditation helps us in getting rid of stress, pressure and tension. We will follow all the learning through the life.”

Sonu Kumar :

“I am happy with the training. I have learnt a lot in these 3 days. I will continue doing all these thing during my entire life.”

Amarjeet Kumar:

“Yoga is an important part of humans life and helps in keeping ourselves healthy. I will continue doing Yoga.”
Ranjay Kumar :

“Thanks to Sergeant Sir for such a useful Shivir. Thanks to the Art of living team for the training. The last 3 days were very comfortable/ We learnt a lot of new things. I appreciate art of living for the selfless service. I request everybody to maintain the same practise on a regular basis to keep healthy.”

​Finally Mrs. Varsha Pandey share her thoughts on the benifits of Yoga and Pranayam. She said, everbody has equal time (24 hours a day). We need to maitain balance. We need to get time for Yoga. for a succesful life, there should be,

-Clarity of mind

-Purity in heart and

-Sincerity in action​

Further, Mrs. Varsha Pandey insisted on doing meditaion and Yoga. She also suggested to opt for happiness program. It is not unknown that police department feels lots of pressure and to keep healthy even after the pressure and tension one needs to take help of Yoga and Pranayam.

​Every one promised that they will be doing yoga for life-time.

Art of living team buxar gave a Slogan, “Art of Living ne Thana hai, Buxar ko swasth (Healthy) Banana hai.

At the end of the program, Rudraksh was planted in the police line. All promised that they will be watering the plant for sure.

​The Superintendent ​of Police, Mr. Upendra Kumar Sharma also appreciated our efforts. He was pleased the way the shivir was conducted. He also appreciated the plantation done by the trainees.