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International Yoga Day

The Art of Living, Buxar celebrated international Yoga Day on 21st of June, 2017 at M.P. High School Buxar. We received a positive response. Around 2000 people, including 400 NCC cadets were present to make the event successful.
Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation help us in increasing our consciousness and mind becomes stress-free. All these help us in getting rid of negative thoughts and we feel fresh. The body becomes healthy, Mind becomes calm and clear, Thoughts become positive, we become energetic, our working capacity increases and our behavior becomes balanced.
The Yoga helps in inculcating the skill of efficiency. Handling the mind and heart, handling the feelings, keeping love and peace with people are the main purpose of Yoga. The Yoga connects us to ourselves, the nature and the world.
The entire globe is aware of the importance of the Yoga. People are getting there disease cured with the help of Yoga. Some of the incurable diseases like Sugar, Blood-pressure, Harmonal Imbalance, Migraine, Diseases related to stomach etc. are getting cured with the help of Yoga. The best thing is that there is no side effect.
The Art of living Buxar organised shivirs in different areas of the city to increase the awareness of Yog During the month of June. AOL Teachers trained people deeply about the Yoga and Pranayam.
Earlier the event (International Yoga Day) was inaugurated by the ADJ Uday Kumar Upadhayaya and SDM Gautam Kumar

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Anandotsav : The beginning of the expedition of Happy Buxar – Healthy Buxar

So the most awaited ‘Anandotsav’ was accomplished on 13th May. And the success of the program conveys that we (The Art of Living, Buxar) are going forward towards our goal of making people aware of the art of living life. May be the speed is a bit slower, but it is consistent. And after all there is an old saying “Slow and steady wins the race”.

The program was sponsored by Shemrock Play School Buxar, Cambridge Senior Secondary School Buxar, Raj Kishore Jewellers, Ranjay Kumar Pandey (Sonvarsha) and Kirloskar.

Before the commencement of the program ‘Anandotsav’, we had given the tag line as ‘Happy Buxar – Healthy Buxar. Now we just want to add a word to the tagline to make it more sensible ‘Happy, Healthy & Enriched Buxar. A person may collect huge property, but he/she cannot gain happiness, relaxation and peace without spiritual Estates. And Guruji (Shri Shri Ravishankar) has shown us the path named as ‘Art of Living’ which will guide one and all to gain the spiritual Estates. We (The Art of Living, Buxar) will convey the same to every citizen of the district. ‘Anandotsav’ is a step for the same.

So the program was celebrated on the occasion of 61st birthday of Guruji and the program started with ‘Gurupuja’ and it was followed by Satsang, Knowledge Session and Meditation. After Gurupuja Mr. Shrikant Mishra (Apex member of Art of Living), Mr. Sanjay Tiwari (MLA, Buxar), Shravan Tiwari (Secretary, Red Cross Society) and Staydev Prasad (President, Chamber of Commerce) jointly Lighted the lamp before proceeding further in the program. A dance program was also organised and Ayush, Nehal and Akshat collected claps from the audience. Apart from that Vineet Sarraf, Amit Mishra, Ranjay Pandey, Himanshu, Anand, Vikash, Manoj, Ashwani, Hemdas, Dr. Raj, Neeraj, Aditya, Rajiv Ranjan, Jitesh, Sudhanshu, Ajay, Sanjay, Kameshwar, Manindra Mohan and many others put their maximum effort to make the program a successful step towards the dream ‘Happy, Healthy & Enriched Buxar’.

During the last hour of the program, Mrs. Varsha Pandey and Mrs. Saraswati Akshma Nath addressed the audience. The only issue, they addressed, was to make Buxar happy, healthy and enriched. Mrs. Sarsawati Akshma Nath is a singer and usually performs in Programs and courses organized by The Art of Living. She performed in Anandotsav as well. She was assisted by the music given by Mr. Sanjiv Kumar, Mr. Dharmesh Kumar, Mr. Omkar Prasanna and Mr. Gopal.

Mr. Gautam Kumar (SDM, Buxar) was also the part of the audience. He was very happy with the content of the program. Apart from him, people present in the program appreciated the program very much. They had a new experience.

The program was concluded by thanks giving to sponsors, AOL members, Participants and the valuable audience and the same was done by Mr. Deepak Pandey.

We (Members of Art of Living, Buxar) are completely dedicated towards the wellness of Buxar. We can make it more successful with your contributions. Taking birth in a society, which is not that beautiful, is not our fault. But doing nothing for the society is our fault. We need to think about making our society, locality and city as beautiful as possible. It does not require too much time of yours. It requires only half an hour of yours. Probably all of us (the citizens of the city) are able to contribute.

Anandotsav is just the first step towards our dream. We have to climb lot many to reach to the sky.The Art of Living, Buxar will keep on organising programs and courses to make its dream a success.

We will keep on moving and our feet will not stop,
Coz we don’t want the cup, the aim is to be on top.
For every hurdles and problems we are ready,
Our city will definitely be Healthy and Happy

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An effort to make  the  dream  (Happy Buxar &  Healthy  Buxar) successful 

‘Ananndotsav’ the  program to be  organised on the  evening  of May  13th, 2017 had become the priority  for members of  The Art of  Living  Buxar.    As  the  dream is big, and has  to be  implanted  on a  larger scale, obviously  it  required a  huge  awareness among  the  citizens of the  district. All the  members started  working  on making  people aware  around  15 days  before  the  eve  of the program. They  gave  the  maximum efforts of theirs. The  first priority  for  them was the program.  Businessmen left their businesses on their helpers and  sometime they  kept their businesses closed. Working  professionals  contributed  after their working  hours. Students rescheduled their  study  timings. House-wives managed their  works  in a manner so that they could give proper time  for the  preparation of  the  program.  And one  thing  was common in everyone’s routine  and that was the  lesser timing  they  could manage  to sleep  during  last 1012 days. So works were  divided in  different parts, as the  awareness  was to  be  spread  on a  larger scale. Banks, Schools, colleges,  government and private  offices, Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwars,  Shops and  people  in person were  contacted. Different people  were  assigned different places. Apart from that  people  visited  different  villages under the  districts.  They  distributed invitations  to one and all. Banners and  hoardings  were  put by  the members  on suitable  places. E-Rikshaw-” प्रभात फेरी ” was organised. All  the members worked  even in the  hot sun. The  distance  did not  loosen their  patience. Hopefully, the workers’  patience  will  labour  will  not go in vain and we  will have  a  large audience  for  the program  on 13th  May  and the objective  of the  program will meet. Team AOL  is  hoping  for  the success of the  mission  ‘Happy Buxar  &  Healthy  Buxar’.