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Padma Sadhana

Usually when one thinks of a lotus, what comes to mind? A fully blossomed flower, where each petal is opening up to the sky. Now observe where does the lotus originate from? Mud. Yet, the lotus remains unstained and untouched by the pond. Imagine if we could also be like the lotus flower – untouched by day-to-day events and blossom with love and joy. Padma Sadhana is a practice that could make such blossoming possible. Designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, this beautiful yoga practice comprises a simple sequence of yoga postures, Nadi Shodhan breathing technique (pranayama), and meditation.

Unlock your potential with Padma Sadhana

The weight loss factor!

Besides its mental and emotional benefits, the Padma Sadhana is designed for a complete body workout. The long holds in to the poses leads to a firmer body. The workout takes around 20 minutes of your time but the intensity of the workout is such that it works on the body post 20 minutes and helps to burn a few calories post the workout.

Sri Sri says doing PadmaSadhana gives you access to your inner strength. When practiced daily, this 45-minute sequence of yoga poses can lead to a calmer mind, healthier body and more peace. This set of graceful yoga asanas (postures) helps prepare the body and mind for deeper meditation. One of the key tips is to stay relaxed throughout the practice. Doing Padma Sadhana before Sudarshan Kriya enhances your experience, so that you remain uplifted throughout the day, untouched by the mud around you. 

‘Padma’ means lotus and ‘Sadhana’ is your effort. This practice should therefore be as effortless and light as a lotus. Sadhana is the gentle nudge to get on to the mat and Padma is the unfurling of your potential, layer by layer. Together, Padma Sadhana can help you blossom from within through the practice of yoga postures

5 elements for a blissful Padma Sadhana

According to the Agama tradition*, it is believed that the Devi (Goddess) sits on a five-layered seat or asana. The base of this seat is a tortoise, which represents stability. Stability alone is not enough. You need awareness also. So the second layer is the snake, which represents awareness. Awareness can lead to activity in the mind. So above the snake sits the lion, which symbolizes grace. Above the lion sits the Siddha, the perfect sage. And above the perfect sage sits the lotus, the symbol of full blossoming. When our yoga postures have all these five qualities – stability, awareness, grace, perfection and full blossoming, then the divinity dawns in us and that is Padma Sadhana. 

You can learn how to do Padma Sadhana at [The Art of Silence (Part-2) Course] and DSN Course

Make PadmaSadhana a part of your daily morning and evening yoga practice and unlock your inner energy. Read some tips on padmasadhana

*Agama tradition is the traditional form of community temple worship.


Living Well Programs


Living Well Philosophy – Nourishing the Roots!

Health is not a mere absence of disease. It is a dynamic expression of life – in terms of how joyful, loving and enthusiastic you are. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The toll of our fast paced lives can be extremely high on our physical and mental health. Stress and anxiety are known to be significant factors in the onset and progression of a wide spectrum of diseases. The goal of the Living Well programs is to enable healthy and happy living naturally. It is designed to address the physical, psychological, nutritional, spiritual and social needs of a person.

Through the 4 E’s – Encourage, Enable, Empower and Enhance- the programs are designed to prevent or manage disease, alleviate stress, improve health and increase wellness.

  • Encourage people to participate actively in the management of their disease and take preventive measures in case of family history.
  • Enable by providing education and awareness on the symptoms, psychological factors and strategies to delay progression of the condition if existing, as some disease conditions are diagnosed only after the investigations.
  • Empower and achieve balance with Yoga, Meditation, Pranayamas, Ayurveda and Diet techniques to prevent or manage the disease condition through a Self-Management Support System
  • Enhance physical and emotional well-being through lifestyle modification and a befitting daily routine.

Living Well programs take a holistic view of human health on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The programs provide a step-by-step guidance to calm the mind and heal the body.

The programs start with a thorough understanding of your current health condition, your daily schedule and lifestyle. They then build in practices that aid in building immunity and reduction of risk factors to the disease.

The programs especially focus on the inner well-being of the patient, which is generally the source of disease. Many a times it is found that the medical treatment alone is not sufficient to heal the body. Treating the source – the mind and its patterns, changing unhealthy habits and utilizing practical and effective breathing exercises and yoga to prevent or minimize the impact of an existing ailment are an integral part of the program.

The body is a machine, and the consciousness which operates and has helped to develop this body has been ignored by us. We need to pay attention to that as well. This consciousness which is responsible for all creativity, all scientific discovery in the world, all forms of music, art, fashion, film, and everything else, needs your attention. The same consciousness can manifest health and happiness. – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Program Synopsis

  • During the program in-depth education and awareness is provided on the disease its signs, symptoms and treatment options, so that they opt for healthy lifestyle and regular treatment if required.
  • A powerful breathing technique called Sudarshan Kriya is taught during the program to relax the body and mind, helps coping up with the psychological stressors and challenges in daily life. It eliminates the stress, fatigue and negative emotions such as anger, frustration and depression. Sudarshan Kriya brings balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems and helps with relaxation and concentration. It provides deeper and refreshing sleep, improves mental balance and confidence.
  • Simple yet profound yoga asanas and exercises are taught for a healthier body and calm mind. Yoga provides fitness on both physical and psychological level. It helps cope with chronic pain and negative emotions. Increases strength, flexibility, heart, and lung function and reduces the risk of heart disease by improving blood circulation throughout the body.
  • Easy to follow Nutritional and Balanced Diet prevents the disease, aid the healing process and maintains the health and high energy levels in the body.
  • Physical health and emotional well-being mutually influence each other. The program assists people through Social networks and Spirituality to promote a sense of belonging and have a support system to maintain their health.
  • The program also focuses on the long term ill-effects of environmental pollution, irregular food habits, lifestyle and psychological factors such as stress, lack of exercise, tobacco, alcohol or other substance abuse.
  • Living Well residential programs incorporate Ayurvedic healing techniques for holistic healing, counseling tips and the other alternative compliance.

The beneficial effects of the program can be experienced in the body as a whole, particularly a person experiences a state of health and medically the nervous system, the endocrine system and the immune system are rejuvenated.

We have conducted 150 Living Well programs benefiting 3000 patients in 20 States and 3 Union Territories of India.

The program needs no special preparation, no change in beliefs and the techniques and processes taught during the program are easy to learn and practice.

Living Well Program Categories

Broadly, there are 3 categories of programs:

Program Modules

  • Diabetes Management
  • Hypertension Management
  • Depression Management
  • Anxiety Management
  • Asthma Management
  • Stop Smoking Start Living
  • De-Vine for Alcohol De-addiction

Modules for other diseases will be launched in a progressive manner.

Dr. Rakesh Makkar, Baroda

Living Well programs take a holistic view of human health on physical, mental and emotional levels. The programs provide a step-by-step guidance and techniques to calm the mind and heal the body. They are highly recommended for the people with chronic diseases to achieve a balanced lifestyle and also preventive for the people at the risk of getting the chronic diseases.

Anshu Kalra, 37 years, Bangalore

I was diagnosed with end stage of kidney failure that resulted in a transplant and completely restricted my physical activity. After the Living Well program, I was able to carry out many more physical tasks and became more active. I learnt about life style management and dietary plans. This program is a wonderful preventive tool for people with chronic diseases.

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Intuition Process


The Art of Living Intuition Process is a 2-day program introduced for kids and teenagers between 8-18 years of age.

We all are born with a natural intuitive ability to perceive beyond our senses. This is especially visible in children whose minds are still fresh, less obsessive and more in tune with nature.

The Art of Living Intuition Process helps them to tap into the intuitive abilities of the mind, which is demonstrated by them seeing colors, reading text and identifying pictures with eyes closed.

Deep and enigmatic faculties are present in a latent form in every child. To make these faculties blossom and get more established, the mind needs proper nurturing and nourishment which is done in the Intuition Process.

Benefits of the Intuition Process

  • Improves intuition
  • Enhances sensory abilities
  • Improves awareness and foresight
  • Increases confidence
  • Removes fear of the unknown
  • Increases creativity and intelligence


  • Age group: 8-18 years
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Time per day: 2.5 hours


  • Brain activation techniques
  • Meditation and Relaxation techniques
  • Home Practice CD

You can read more about it on our official website.


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Parents, Just Beat It!


Why & How You Can Change the Concept of Exam Fear

Since parents too go through exam-time anxieties, they too need to de-stress. Yoga and breathing exercises, and going for walks with your child will help. Believe that your child is unique, and be unconditionally supportive. It’s important to have faith in both your child and in your own parenting skills.

Sensitize the child to the importance of knowledge and learning in life. And most certainly, exam time can bring out the best of one’s abilities not just in the child but also in the parents.

Some practical advice:

  1. Chalk out a plan of action and a timetable: Let the timetable include a routine that will cover the exam syllabus comfortably giving enough time for revision and all other activities. This will bring clarity, focus and a sense of direction that will increase the self-confidence in children and bring out the best in them. It works best when timetables are prepared with full participation and involvement from the child. It’s important to keep the timetable realistic and based entirely on the child’s abilities.
  2. A supportive family environment: Since the pressure from school, peer group, and the society at large, is unavoidable, the understanding and support from the family becomes even more crucial for the child. Parental expectations tend to put enormous pressure on children on top of the pressures that comes from society. A supportive family ambience is created when parents do not measure the success of their children by their academic achievements.
    1. Exercise: Alternate periods of studying with extra-curricular activities like running, jogging, a favorite sport, a gym workout. Practice Pranayama (simple breathing exercises), yoga, especially the Sun Salutation, and meditation.
    2. Fun time: Travel over the weekend, spend time with friends or pets, indulge in creative activities like drawing, painting or some preferred performing arts, which will activate the right brain, relax, and balance the mind.
    3. Healthy Diet: Reinforce these with a balanced diet, healthy juices and vegetarian food. It is important for parents to explain to children the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, which includes the importance of drinking sufficient water, keeping away from junk food, sweets and chocolates, and the effect that different foods have on the body and mind. Study is best when the stomach is light, and there is complete wakefulness and alertness.
    4. To improve exam-readiness, teach children important learning skills like reading the text, writing down important points, giving written answers to questions, and then re-reading the text. This will strengthen their knowledge and help them be flexible when face with exam questions. It’s a good idea to get them used to voice-notes.

Is your child stressed?

Some telltale signs:

  • Inability to grasp even when reading the same thing a couple of times
  • Hungrier or sleepier than usual
  • Not hungry or sleepy as usual
  • Irritation without cause
  • Absent-minded, misplacing things
  • Employ a parenting style that combines warmth, realistic demands, and democracy.
  • Avoid needless comparisons and allow the child to have the space to know himself and develop his own identity.
  • Parents will have to control the urge to nag and just simply set an example by following the rules they set for their children

Did you know?

Research establishes a correlation between hormones and stress response. Results have revealed that the production of cortisol is the primary hormone responsible for the stress response. Elevated cortisol levels lead to memory loss, increased alertness feelings of anxiety. Essential learning skills like reasoning and analytical abilities are impaired, as does the ability for self-control.

Written by Shreya Chugh, a youth empowerment facilitator from The Art of Living.

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Banners Hang by AOL Team Buxar for awaring voters

IMG_20151027_115635069 IMG-20151026-WA0018 IMG_20151026_174143475

In this process many volunteers present there and aware voters as well as paste pamphlets and hang banners at many places.

Deepak Pandey, Varsha Pandey, Jitendra Pandey, Dr. R. K. Sinha, Himanshu, Niraj Mansinghka, Vineet Sarraf, Sharad Sarraf and many volunteers aware voters for election and talk about its value in their life.

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AOL Holistic Approach


How We Work

The Art of Living transforms societies by instilling a vision, making role models, promoting a sense of community and giving people a voice.

The Art of Living—Projects Management Unit (PMU) is a special technical wing within The Art of Living that implements holistic solutions for social, economic and environmental issues. Our goal is to enable transformation by acting as intermediary between various resource providers and communities.These connections combined with our empowerment, accountability and sustainability models, enable a lasting impact towards our shared goals.


Empowerment Model

Our Youth Leadership Training Program (YLTP) transform ‘vulnerable’ young men and women into leaders in their communities. They become proactive ‘advocates’ for change and ‘owners’ of their challenges. We work with these empowered leaders toward complete development of their communities.


Accountability Model

We provide project accounts and activity reports at periodic intervals throughout the project. At our closing stage, we provide a final financial accountability report that identifies where and how the funds were used. During this stage, we also provide a post impact analysis report, which evaluates the impact of our guidance in the established project area to determine its effectiveness. This allows us to identify improvements needed to strengthen future projects.


Sustainability Model

Our empowered community leaders continue to be torchbearers for their community long after project timelines are over making our impact sustainable.




The Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace


The Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace offers Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises a structured intervention to eliminate stress, enhance inspirational levels and arrive at an overall work life balance of its employees.


The program attends to the individual and his personal growth. It has in built processes that increases team bonding resulting in better teamwork; it also has reconnect programs that will keep the group energy intact. An empowered and inspired individual will help build a successful company.

The practice of the techniques of the Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace effectively regulates the mind and eliminates stress and impurities from the system


Feedback From Corporate India

“I have learnt the key to success” – Puneet Gupta, Punj Lloyd.

This program was amazing as all participants felt it was powerful, detoxifying, stress-relieving & energizing.

  • Sanjay Kumar, Service Planning Manager, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

“The program was a good mix of interactive sessions relevant to our goals” – Dr. Janakiraman Ramchandran, Chairman, Ganga Gen Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd.

Programs Offered:

Program Name

Program Details

I Excel. I Lead – I bring Excellence at Workplace

Target Audience:
Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs
16 Hours workshop over 3 days

Focus Areas:

  • Tenets for creating an ambiance of Excellence at Workplace
  • Experience the subtle effect of Yoga, Pranayama and Sudarshan Kriya ®
  • Practical Wisdom towards Inspirational Leadership & Understanding Human Psyche
  • Skills for effective communication and efficient teamwork

Art of Living Program For Excellence at Workplace

Target Audience: Management & Staff
Duration: 12 Hours workshop over 3 days

Focus Areas:

  • Focus on Stress Reduction
  • Handling Negative Emotions and Challenges
  • Increase Effectiveness at work
  • Builds Stronger Relationships

Sri Sri Meditation for Excellence at Workplace

Target Audience: Workers
Duration: 12 Hours workshop over 3 to 4 days

Focus Areas:

  • Improve health and well being
  • Remove dependency on substances and addictions
  • Build Self Esteem and Confidence

Health for Excellence at Workplace

Target Audience: All
Duration: 8 to 10 Hours workshop over 5 days

Focus Areas:

  • A beautiful blend of stretches, postures, breathing techniques, meditation and wisdom
  • Holistic approach to attend to the body, mind and spirit


Vidya Menon
National Coordinator,
The Art of Living Program for Excellence at Workplace,
Vyakti Vikas Kendra, India, 21st Km, Kanakapura Road,
Udayapura, Bangalore: 560 082.

Email – | Mob: +91 9008223669


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