An effort to make  the  dream  (Happy Buxar &  Healthy  Buxar) successful 

‘Ananndotsav’ the  program to be  organised on the  evening  of May  13th, 2017 had become the priority  for members of  The Art of  Living  Buxar.    As  the  dream is big, and has  to be  implanted  on a  larger scale, obviously  it  required a  huge  awareness among  the  citizens of the  district. All the  members started  working  on making  people aware  around  15 days  before  the  eve  of the program. They  gave  the  maximum efforts of theirs. The  first priority  for  them was the program.  Businessmen left their businesses on their helpers and  sometime they  kept their businesses closed. Working  professionals  contributed  after their working  hours. Students rescheduled their  study  timings. House-wives managed their  works  in a manner so that they could give proper time  for the  preparation of  the  program.  And one  thing  was common in everyone’s routine  and that was the  lesser timing  they  could manage  to sleep  during  last 1012 days. So works were  divided in  different parts, as the  awareness  was to  be  spread  on a  larger scale. Banks, Schools, colleges,  government and private  offices, Temples, Mosques, Churches, Gurudwars,  Shops and  people  in person were  contacted. Different people  were  assigned different places. Apart from that  people  visited  different  villages under the  districts.  They  distributed invitations  to one and all. Banners and  hoardings  were  put by  the members  on suitable  places. E-Rikshaw-” प्रभात फेरी ” was organised. All  the members worked  even in the  hot sun. The  distance  did not  loosen their  patience. Hopefully, the workers’  patience  will  labour  will  not go in vain and we  will have  a  large audience  for  the program  on 13th  May  and the objective  of the  program will meet. Team AOL  is  hoping  for  the success of the  mission  ‘Happy Buxar  &  Healthy  Buxar’.



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