DSN : The powerful me

Divya Samaj Nirman (DSN) course was organised by Varsha Pandey at AOL centre, Buxar between 10th of April to 13th of April. Participants reported at 6:00 PM in the evening on 10th and were to left at 10:00 PM after the dinner. The participants were to report at 6:00 AM in the morning on the next 3 days (i.e. on 11th, 12th and 13th). Participants were to leave at 9:00 PM in the evening on 11th and 12th and at 2:00 PM on 13th. Arrangement for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the participants was done by AOL Buxar.

The effort of Amit Mishra, Deepak Pandey and Vineet Sarraf was really appreciable. They met too many people before the commencement of DSN to make them aware about the course.

International faculty of AOL Mr. Rajendra Singh Gandhi conducted the course. With his wonderful techniques he reached to the motive of the course. Yoga, Pranayam, Meditation and group activities were part of the course. One of The objectives of the course was to help people in discovering their own inner energy. Mr. Rajendra Gandhi aimed at building a good society, which may lead to a civilized country and a better world with the help of the course.

Below are the experience shared by few of the participants:

The first 2 days of the course were a bit boring and difficult, but the 3rd day of the course made me realise the importance of the things done during the initial 2 days. I have learnt a lot from the course and I will follow all the learning. I have understood my responsibilities and definitely it will help me in becoming much responsible in future.– Amit Mishra

The first day I met the faculty of the course, then only I was able to decide that the course is going to very different and motivational. I also discussed the same with Himanshu and on the further days I found the same. When I completed Happiness course, I thought that I have learnt a lot. Again when I completed Advance course, I felt I learnt more. After completion of DSN I have started believing that there is no limit to learn. I commit today that I will try to help much n much in development of a better society. – Dr. Raj Kumar Sinha

I feel that I have gone very creative after the course. I also feel that the level of patience in me has increased. I can feel an increased positivity after the course. – Anand Upadhya

Barrier of my mind has been broken. My heart is peaceful now. I am able to identify, what are my responsibilities towards me, my family and society. Thanks to AOL. – Sandhya Pandey

I visited Buxar for the first time. I met new people here. I found that people here are very friendly and doing activities is with them is always interesting. I learnt a lot. I have captured a lot of memories. All these happened because of DSN. Thanks to AOL and Thanks to Mr. Rajendra Gandhi. – Saket Kumar Singh

A better feeling is there in my mind after the completion of the course. I will be utilising the learning of the course in the future. I will be following the things taught here. – Sandhya Dhanraj

Problems are imagination and the solution to these is the creativity of brain. We think a lot before doing anything and work a very little in real. The same happens with me and the course DSN made me realise the same. I am really thankful to Mrs. Varsha Pandey, as she is the person who motivated me to join the course. Also Mrs. Varsha Pandey used to come for the organisation Yoga session. The session was really fruitful. I learnt something new, which is really helpful. A big credit goes to the tireless efforts of Mr. Rajendra Gandhi, who made me realise that I am unique and I have capability of achieving something different. Now I can feel that AOL is in within my heart. – Himanshu Kumar


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