International Yoga Day

The Art of Living, Buxar celebrated international Yoga Day on 21st of June, 2016 at M.P. High School Buxar. We received a positive response. Around 2500 people, including 400 NCC cadets were present to make the event successful.
Yoga, Pranayam and Meditation help us in increasing our consciousness and mind becomes stress-free. All these help us in getting rid of negative thoughts and we feel fresh. The body becomes healthy, Mind becomes calm and clear, Thoughts become positive, we become energetic, our working capacity increases and our behavior becomes balanced.
The Yoga helps in inculcating the skill of efficiency. Handling the mind and heart, handling the feelings, keeping love and peace with people are the main purpose of Yoga. The Yoga connects us to ourselves, the nature and the world.
The entire globe is aware of the importance of the Yoga. People are getting there disease cured with the help of Yoga. Some of the incurable diseases like Sugar, Blood-pressure, Harmonal Imbalance, Migraine, Diseases related to stomach etc. are getting cured with the help of Yoga. The best thing is that there is no side effect.
The Art of living Buxar organised shivirs in different areas of the city to increase the awareness of Yog During the month of June. AOL Teachers trained people deeply about the Yoga and Pranayam.
Earlier the event (International Yogaq Day) was inaugurated by the MLA of the District, Mr. Sanjay Tiwari. Mrs. Varsha Pandey was the stage teacher and Mr. Manoj Verma, Dr. Shwet Prakash, Priyaranjan Choubey, Krishna Ojha were the  demonstrator.
IYD1 (185)IYD1 (176)IYD1 (168)
IYD1 (216)
IYD1 (217)
IYD1 (111)IYD1 (113)IYD1 (118)IYD1 (122)IYD1 (131)IYD1 (132)IYD1 (135)IYD1 (136)IYD1 (138)IYD1 (140)IYD1 (146)IYD1 (147)IYD1 (148)IYD1 (152)IYD1 (154)IYD1 (156)IYD1 (157)IYD1 (161)IYD1 (164)IYD1 (167)IYD1 (172)IYD1 (186)IYD1 (191)IYD1 (214)IYD1 (218)IYD1 (215)
We followed, all the postures of Yoga notified by Ayush Ministry for international Yoga Day.
Those are as follow.
For More Photographs click here:-Photographs

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