Participant’s Experience

We had organised an Advance Meditation Program in Buxar from 18th of May to 22nd of May 2016. Many participants got enrolled for this Program and it was taken by our International Faculty Gaurav Verma. Participants were very happy to have a teacher like him because of his way of talking and guiding. People liked Satsang as well. On the last day, participants shared their experiences about the Program and we are sharing their experiences.

Let’s start(°_°)

Dr Raj Kumar Sinha


Dr Raj Kumar Sinha

Jay gurudev…….
After doing advanced meditation course, I started meditating on a regular basis. Meditation makes me feel more relaxed and keeps me more active during entire day.
Before attending advanced meditation course, my family members and my Patient used to complain that I was aggressive and a bit tempered. But AMP has made me cool, productive, creative, enthusiastic and fresh.
Now I can face any challenge, crises which life puts in front of me more easily & patiently
Jay gurudev…….


Dr Shwet Prakash


After completing Advance Course I felt myself and want to leave alone in leisure time.

I started talking less and if I feel to talk with anyone then I talk but only few words because I don’t want to talk without any reason. I think, unwanted words break our inner energy. There is a mystery in silence and found it. Because of it now I can keep control over myself and want to be with myself. I am feeling something special like Kundali Jagran, Nadi Shodhan, Shatchakra Pargaman, especially the power of Band after Bhastika, it provides lots of energy to me. I have many things to share but in few words I am unable to explain  everything and in last I want to say one thing that I am happy to have a teacher like Gaurav Verma, many participants, organisers and lot of sweet memories which are unforgettable.

Mr. Amit Mishra


Feeling hesitation while sharing that whose day starts with a Cigarette and ends with a Cigarette before going to bed.

Yeah, it is I and above lines describe my past but now, I can live without smoking. I am thankful to Guru Ji because I wanted to give up my bad habits since last five years and finally.I gave up after completing this course.
I am also thankful to my teacher, members of Art of Living because of them I have got enrolled for this course.
In last, I am thankful to my younger brother HIMANSHU because of him I am sharing my experience, you know it’s difficult to share our bad habits like that but he motivated me to share else I would never had shared.
Jai Guru Dev

Himanshu Tiwari


There is a man behind my changed life style, behind my improved way of talking and he did it by making me aware about Art of Living center on 3rd of June 2015, Where I completed my first course ‘Happiness Program’.

His name is Dr Raj Kumar Sinha.
Yeah absolutely it is Art of Living where I learnt lots of things. After happiness program, I waited for Advance.But when it was about to be organised, I was not in a condition to join it. My father had met with an accident and I was a bit busy in doing household chores. one fine day, I got a call from Varsha Pandey regarding thcourse. After her call Igot another call from Deepak Pandey and got assurance that I have to do this course without any hesitation. They assured me that they will manage for me. So, I also got enrolled for AMP on 18th of May 2016. I got happy when I saw Gaurav Verma on first day. I used to have very spicy food and junk food but after attending the course, I have given up eating food like that. I enjoyed this course very much, learnt lotof things like Yoga, Pranayam, Meditations and one thing which was special wathe Satsang because I never had participated in Satsang. First time I found that if we eat our food with joy then there is no need to have some kind of spicy food and junk food. Something interesting I learnt that is Group Work(Seva), and Art of Listening. I felt myself and inner peace also. I was very arrogant but my teacher taught me, how to get rid of it. I have also became calm and creative. There are lotof things to share but it’s hard to explain everything in such a small note. Being a part of course like that am grateful to Deepak Pandey, Varsha Pandey because they made me complete it. Am also thankful to our organizers who did a great job. If you are reading my experience then I request you to be a part of Art Of Living and give yourself lots of courage and energy to do any kind of work. It is unforgettable event and life changing as well.
Thank You Very Much
Jai Guru Dev

Brajesh Pandey


I am very grateful to my teacher Varsha Pandey who told me about AMP. I completed my happiness course last month and I am happy that I was a part of AMP. I felt some kind of problems and met to Dr who gave me some medicine but after doing this course I don’t need any medicine because I feel well now. I think every married person should do this course with her husband or wife because if want to stay happy then make our nearest and dearest one happy. I never ever heard Satsang what Gaurav Verma has sung. His way to sing Satsang is Amazing. I am grateful to Guru Ji for his great effort to make our life easier and healthy as well.
Jai Guru Dev.

Tarkeshwar Ji
I was suffering from Sugar and when I met a Dr, he advised me to take rest and gave some medicine but after doing this course I felt only one thing that if you are happy then you are free of any kind of disease. I am very happy to be a part of course like this because of its amazing contents which are unexplainable.
Jai Guru Dev.

Sandhya Tiwari
First, I am thankful and grateful to Varsha Pandey and Deepak Pandey who informed me about it. I learnt many things like Yoga, Satsang, Meditation, Pranayam and lots of things. I never ever thought that I will be changed after doing it. I felt myself very positive, very calm, happy and cool.
Jai Guru Dev.

Shushma Upadhyay
I had amazing experience, never thought that it will be like this but found it life changing and different from what I expected. We all should spread it in our society and make everyone aware about it.
Jai Guru Dev

There were lot other participants in AMP. We have shared some of the experiences.
In future we may post some more interesting experience.


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