Devotees Celebrate Guru JI Birthday


“Spirituality is a sense of belongingness with all the people in the world.”

With above slogan Varsha Pandey has organised Guru Ji Birthday celebration at our Buxar center where all devotees gathered and give well wishes to Gurudev. For this celebration Deepak Pandey has invited all of his contacts and people of near by areas and done a great job to make this occasion memorable.

They are very proud to be a part of it and done a lot of things on this day like Satsang, Meditation followed by Trees Plantation which is  great and environment care work. They all have asked god to give GuruDev more and more years to guide people on Good and Spiritual path in future. On this occasion Jitendra Pandey along with Varsha Pandey sung lots of Satsang & Bhajans whereas devotees has felt lot of peace while listening those Bhajans and Satsang.

Some devotees are Amit Mishra, Kiran Sarraf, Vinit Sarraf, Savita Sarraf, Sharad Sarraf, Neeraj Mansinghka, Basant chaubey(Bharat), Hemant Ji, Jai Prakash, Madhu and many more.


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