Media Course Starts, Today

IMG_20151103_074555379 IMG_20151103_074613768 IMG_20151103_074712438 IMG_20151103_074729844 IMG_20151103_075815289 IMG_20151103_080403882 IMG_20151103_080412081 IMG_20151103_081012217 IMG_20151103_081048423 IMG_20151103_081743595 IMG_20151103_081915353 IMG_20151103_082133313

Participants of Media are Ravi Mishra(Zee Purwayiya), Pushpendra Pandey(Durdarshan), Pramod Chaubey (Hindustan), Prahlad Sharma(Prabhat Khabar), Kaushik( India TV), Avinash Upadhyay (Buxar Khabar and City News Buxar), Puspraj( ETV)


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